Jenn began her career in 2003 after finishing her studies at 'The New College Nottingham' with an impressive list of qualifications relevent to the makeup, hair, and beauty industries.  She then went on to gain a varied welth of experience working as a freelance makeup artist. 

It was in 2010 when Jenn got married, and experienced the overwhelming emotions as a 'bride-to-be' herself, that she realised just how important the role of a wedding hair and makeup artist is on a wedding morning, and how small details can make such a huge impact. It was a role which she realised would bring much gratification and appreciaon on all parts.  She also discovered that there was a gap in the market, having struggled to find a makeup artist that could easily create a very minimal and simple look that still looked flawless.  

In 2011 Jenn set the wheels in motion and it was her passion for creating beautifully natural hair and makeup looks in her unique signature style, described by many as 'Ethereal', which has put Jenn Edwards & Co. firmly on the map as one of the country's most popular choices for brides.  

Jenn is a wife and Mummy to 7 year old Oliver and 3 year old Phoebe (a budding makeup artist).  When she's not in 'wedding mode' or 'mummy mode' she can be found in B&Q or a salvage yard, and is usually covered in paint. 

Holidays in Italy, Cheese, and Pina Colada are amongst the things that make her happy.