Creative director Natty Manlove has played a huge part in the growing sucess of the business since early 2013 when she joined forces with Jenn.   As a makeup artist, she has exceptional talent and artistic flare with a diverse array of technical skill. This, teamed with her calmness, patience, and intuative nature, makes her the perfect candidate for a role with such responsibilities. 

Her extensive training includes time spent with 'MAC' and The 'Illamasqua School of Makeup London' following her time studying media makeup at Sheffield College.  

Natty's job description far exceeds her main role as a makeup artist and creative director.  Being Jenn's 'right hand man' she oversees the general management and is a true asset to the business behind the scenes.  

Clients include Jessica Ennis-Hill, Andrea Bocelli, Christine Allado, Caroline Campbell, Elisa Balbo.

Natty lives in (what will soon be) a beutiful home which she continues to renovate with her Fiance John.  She's recently engaged and is enjoying making plans for her perfect wedding day.  When Natty is not in 'Wedding mode' or 'house mode' she can be found at the local pub enjoying time with her Mum, Dad, and two younger brothers. 

Her Bulldog 'Chunky', surfing holidays in Cornwall, Ice Hokey, beer and chicken dinners, are amongst the things that make Natty happy.