1. Responsibility | Jenn Edwards & Co. hereby agrees to perform hair & Makeup services for our Client at the Event specified in a professional manner according to the prevailing standards in the industry.  Jenn Edwards & Co. may employ one or more freelance associates to assist original members of the team where needed.  Jenn Edwards & Co. is not responsible for any impact on the final result or delays caused by interference from guests, other vendors, or Incidents not within the control of the artists at the Event. If exposed to (i) unsafe conditions, or (ii) objectionable or illegal acts at the event,  Jenn Edwards Team reserves the right to take reasonable action to remedy such a situation, including but not limited to leaving the Event.  The client shall inform the make up artist of any issues that may affect the use of any equipment or products. This includes but is not limited to sensitivities, allergies and medical conditions. Jenn Edwards & Co. cannot be held liable for any losses that are incurred due to the client’s failure to inform them of any know condition.Jenn Edwards & Co.  reserves the right to refuse service to the client or members of the party for, but not limited to, infectious conditions / abusive and threatening behaviour.  Jenn Edwards & Co. reserves the right to cancel a booking in part, or in it’s entirety, whereby a client becomes difficult or where there is a miss-match in style and approach between client and artist/stylist.  In any such event, Jenn Edwards & Co. shall not be obligated to refund any of the fees paid by client because of such action. 
  2. Deposit | A non-refundable retainer/processing fee (that shall be applied toward the total fee for the services and will be set out in the Payment Schedule) is due upon execution of this agreement, at which time Jenn Edwards & Co. commits to being available to the client on that date (subject to non-payment, reasonable emergencies and force majeure events, see Section 2). Remaining payments of the balance due for the services shall be made as set out in the Payment Schedule. In the event that client fails to remit payment as specified, Jenn Edwards & Co. shall have the right to immediately terminate this agreement with no further obligation to refund money (including the afore mentioned retainer), to attend the event or to supply services. 
  3. Minimum Booking Requirement | Jenn Edwards & Co. will not attend an event whereby less than 8 services are booked or the equivalent booking value is agreed by the client.
  4. Parking | Client shall be responsible for all fees associated with parking for the event. 
  5. Payment Schedule | Trials are to be paid for on, or before, the arranged date of the trial and no later.  The final balance for wedding day services is to be paid for no less than 30 days before the wedding date. Payments made beyond due dates, without prior notification, will be subject to a late payment fee of £25. Accepted methods of payment are by direct bank transfer, cash, or debit/credit card. 
  6. Event Changes |  Jenn Edwards & Co. must be notified immediately of any changes in schedule or location, at least 4 Months in advance of the scheduled event date. If the client notifies Jenn Edwards & Co. by phone, a written (i.e. email) confirmation must be sent within 2 days of such notification. If the date of the event changes, and notice is not given the period specified above, then Jenn Edwards & Co. shall be entitled to the retainer amount as liquidated damages for having to reschedule the event. The retainer amount will need to be repaid upon booking the new date, subject to Jenn Edwards & Co.’s availability.  Increases to bridal party numbers can only be accepted subject to available time and payment for any such agreed extras must be paid for in advance of the event.  Extra services CANNOT be added on the day of the event.
  7. Cancellation | Upon acceptance of these terms and payment of the retainer, Jenn Edwards & Co. shall commit to attending the event on the specified date.  No portion of the processing fee (retainer) paid to Jenn Edwards & Co will be returned in the event that cancellations are made by the client.  If the event is cancelled within 4 calendar months before the event date, 100% of the final total will be charged to compensate for hours of service already rendered and loss of event date.  Jenn Edwards & Co. require 4 months notice for cancellation of a single service, multiple services, or the booking in it’s entirety.   
  8. Force Majeure |  Jenn Edwards & Co. is not responsible for Acts Of God, Natural Disasters, and Acts Of Government such as A Declaration of National or Local Emergency, or Other Incidents not within the control of the artists, i.e. accident, death in the family, or sudden tragic circumstance.  In an event whereby one or more of the appointed team members are unable to attend an event due to illness, pregnancy, or other unforeseen circumstances Jenn Edwards & Co. will obtain, upon approval of the client, a qualified professional replacement (within the Jenn Edwards & Co. team where possible) to fulfill artist obligations under the contract, at no additional charge to the client.  Where this is not possible, all payments for services will be returned (including processing fee and trial fees).  
  9. Term | The term of this agreement shall commence upon the execution of this agreement, and shall terminate upon Jenn Edwards delivery of all agreed services, unless terminated earlier as provided herein.
  10. Jurisdiction | This agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of The United Kingdom. 
  11. Solicitor’s Fees | The prevailing party in any litigation or dispute involving this agreement, or the services performed there under, shall be entitled to recover reasonable solicitor’s fees, costs, and expenses arising from such litigation or dispute from non-prevailing party.
  12. Assignment | This Agreement may not be assigned.
  13. Waiver/Miscellaneous | This Agreement represents the complete and entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter herein, notwithstanding any oral or written representations to the contrary made before, during,or after its execution. Any amendments to this agreement shall only be effective if made in writing that is executed by both parties hereto.

THE JENN EDWARDS TEAM RESERVES THE RIGHT TO BE THE EXCLUSIVE MAKEUP/HAIR TEAM ON SITE on the event day. Additionally, The Jenn Edwards Team will not be responsible for modification of beauty services not originally performed by Jenn Edwards artists.
TRAVEL EXPENSES ARE INCLUDED BUT LIMITED TO A 10 MILE RADIUS FROM POSTCODE S3 7WH.  Additional mileage is chargeable at a rate of 50p per mile for the round journey (there and back).